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“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” Eleanor Roosevelt

Your belief systems are the fundamentals to your philosophies in your life. Every little belief system you have makes up your entire life. Everything you have and everything you are comes directly or indirectly from your fundamental belief systems.

You have a belief system about how good a friend you are, you have a belief system about, how good you are at your work! You have many small belief systems in your life, and your behavior comes from the core of your belief. You might not think about but they are right there in front of you.

I want to help you to become more aware of your belief systems. Some of your belief systems are not helping you; to move in the direction of your goals, and dreams in life. Most important of all some of your belief systems are based on false evidence and have no truth in them.

I know for a fact that at some point in your life; you have experienced doubtful moments where you didn’t belief in yourself, moments of uncertainty. Moments when you questioned yourself whether or not you are good enough (we have all been there sometimes in our life). These moments of self-doubt and disbelief introduces anxiety which leads to a stressful mind. A mind which is unbalanced will never be able to serve you well. My whole purpose is to make you aware of your beliefs and figure out which beliefs are serving you well and which are tearing you apart. One of the greatest lessons my mentor taught me was “If you believe it, it has become your reality” and “the story you buy into becomes your truth”.

There is ONE HUGE key factor that changes everything in your life and that is your belief. The very state of mind of your belief can either tear your whole world apart or make you feel like a ROCKSTAR. As a conclusion I have four major steps to create new belief systems and get rid of the old belief systems that are not serving you well.

  1. The very first step is to question your belief systems. This means to address whether they are true or not. You have to figure out which beliefs are serving you well and which are not. When you choose to question your believe system, regarding anything, you choose to see things from a different and objective perspective which will serve you very well. I don’t know which believe system you have that is tearing you apart, but you have to ask yourself if it is true or not. I can tell you one thing for sure, approximately 90% of your beliefs about yourself are not true. Which leads me to the next step.


  1. Which beliefs have you bought into your life that are not yours? Just think about it for a moment. Since you were a little kid you have been bombarded with belief systems. Beliefs about yourself and life which is based on subjective opinions and has no truth. Because you have heard them over and over again, you started to believe them even if they had no proof of being real. Somebody told you many years ago you can’t sing or you don’t have what it takes to run a business so you never took the chance on singing or starting your own business. You might have a belief regarding your physical appearance. You might think you are not a good looking person which is causing you lack of confidence and belief in yourself. Have you asked yourself if these beliefs are true? What are they based on? People opinions? You need to see yourself better than you are, because you are truly amazing! I am encouraging you to see yourself differently, because you are not other people’s opinion.


  1. I want you to make a list of all your belief systems that is not serving you well (yes, it takes a lot of time and effort). After making the list you will have to think and reflect about each of your beliefs. Where do they come from and is there any affirmation on that certain belief? I could highly recommend inviting a great friend (who can be brutally honest with you) for a cup of coffee and discuses your beliefs. Sometimes, when new people come into our lives, they can change our beliefs about ourselves (often for the better). I’ve been lucky and blessed enough to have experienced this couple of times and the people who came into my life changed all my negative beliefs about myself into something positive. Great things can happen when you start to question your beliefs about yourself.


  1. Your belief will not change from one day to another it takes a lot of time and effort. You will need to gain a lot of understanding about yourself and your beliefs. It is a process you will have to go through to change your belief systems. Work hard on yourself and your beliefs everyday to be able to obtain the mindset that is required of you; so you can live the life you want to.

Do not let other people’s opinions and beliefs about you become your reality; don’t let it define who you are as a person; fortunately they’re only subjective opinions. You decide who you want to be, you decide what you want to believe in and you decide what you are going to do with your life. If you choose to, you can change your life and even change the way you see yourself. I want you to remember to live your life to the fullest, because life is LIMITLESS.

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