“Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me” Carol Burnett

When are you going to stand up and tell yourself that you are AMAZING? When will you realize that you are truly amazing, when will you start to tell the world that you are amazing? When?

It doesn’t really matter how many time I tell you that you are AMAZING, it doesn’t really matter how many ways I find to tell you that you are amazing, you are not going to believe me…

UNTIL you tell yourself that you are truly AMAZING! UNTIL you change your mental attitude towards yourself! UNTIL you believe in yourself!

That’s the moment you will realize that you are AMAZING; I’m not here to motivate you or inspire you I’m here to create value in your life, why? Because YOU are GOD gifted with amazing talents, skills, and the ability to change the world for better. Now it is not about changing the whole world but to help and change one person’s life at the time with your GOD given talents!

Now some of you might be thinking, oh well I don’t have any God given talents or how in the world am I going to change the whole world. That my friend is bullshit you need to stop telling yourself these things! Of course you have amazing talents and gifts, your job is to find them in yourself, and i believe that is one of the many purposes in life. WHEN you find it (it is just matter of time), that it is one of the most amazing blessings in your life long journey.

I know when we are in the times of failure and defeat it’s hard to feel amazing, I do remember when i failed my exams twice, I do remember when my girl left me and I do remember when i felt lonely I do REMEMBER all my defeats and failures in life. I didn’t feel amazing those moments, but remember it is all temporary.

The truth is, it is not how many times we fall it is how many times we choose to stand up and accept that we can’t change the past. We have the control of how we choose to feel today and what we are going to do tomorrow. You might not feel amazing right now, but eventually someday you will look back and say “whatever I had to go through was part of my journey to get me where I am today and today I feel amazing!”

Here is a little exercise I want you to do to help you feel amazing about yourself again!

Step one: Grab a piece of paper and a pen!

Step two: Draw a line in the middle from the top to the bottom

Step three: On the top left side of the paper you write AMAZING, and you start to write everything that you feel amazing about; it could be like “I’m amazing at singing, I’m an amazing friend or I feel amazing when I workout” it is really up to you what you want to write but make sure you take your time.

Step four: On the top right side of the paper you write I WANT TO and you start to write everything you want to feel amazing about – it could be like I want to feel amazing about my body weight or I want to do amazing cooking, you get the idea right? it is what you want to improve so you can feel amazing again.

Each thing you write down in the I WANT TO list, you have to figure out for yourself what you have to do to feel amazing, and let me be honest I wish i could tell you there was a magic pill you could take so could feel amazing but there isn’t any, YOU HAVE TO WORK FOR IT! The choice is yours.

I still want to tell you that you AMAZING  and you DESERVE THE BEST in life and experience happiness, love and joy. You are standing up, you are still here, every challenges you have been through made you stronger, you are truly amazing and I want you to remember to live your life to the fullest because life is LIMITLESS!

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