What you didn’t know about the rich people!

road-220058_960_720 “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing you will be successful.” Albert Schweitzer

I was once told a story about the world’s most successful people! The story sounded like 5% of the world’s population earned 95% of the world’s money! 95% of world’s cash flow goes through 5% of world’s population!

I didn’t believe in that story at the beginning, it was like hearing a fairytale where everything was made up, it sounded unrealistic.

The more I studied about the world’s richest people, the more I started to realize that the story I was told years ago was true! But I couldn’t believe it, how was it possible?

I made up my mind to figure out what made these people so successful, what do they do that is so different from the average person!

Here are 5 major key things that the world’s most successful people do and have, that the average people don’t!

  1. You can ask any successful person in the world what the key to success is, and the answer will always be VISION! What makes the difference between the average person and the super achiever is the vision for their life! It is the very ground base for any successful person, the vision has to be so strong and so intense that you can’t see anything else than your VISION for your life. You have to be monomaniacal obsessed about your vision, that it scares you. The vision is to see the unseen, to see things before it appear to reality.
  2. If people aren’t laughing at your goals then there aren’t big enough! Successful people are NOT afraid of setting crazy high goals for themselves, because they know if they want to obtain these goals they need to push themselves further! They have very high expectations for themselves, simply because they know they are the captain of their ship! By having written GOALS with a dateline makes them incredibly powerful.
  3. The problem with the average achiever is after they finish college/university they stop reading books and study to maintain the knowledge and gain new knowledge. Which is the greatest difference between the average achiever and super achiever; the super achiever is a STUDENT OF LIFE! Never stop learning. It is said that Warren Buffet (top 5 richest people in the world) read and study 6 hours a day! When he makes a decision about anything he is very informative and certain about his decision. When you make a decision what is it based on? How informative are you before making a major decision?
  4. Successful people have a WORK ETHIC that is second to none! They work countless hours EVERY SINGLE DAY! They understand, they have to sacrifice a lot of things in their life. Even though they don’t want to, but it is necessary to get themselves where they want to be in life! Even in tough times where everything is going against them, and nothing seems to works, and they are tired; they want to give up, give in but somehow they manage to find something within that pushes them further.
  5. Last but not least – BELIEF! The successful people have an unshakeable belief system that supports them every single day. You can’t say anything or do anything to killed their belief system, no matter what you throw at them they are going to dodge it. Their belief system is build on their philosophies and principles which makes them unbelievable strong and powerful, because they are in control. They have 100% believe in themselves and their projects which set them apart from the average achiever. Belief is really the fundamental in everything and anything you do, you need a strong and a powerful believe system to support you every single day.

This ultimate recipe is the key to success, of course there is a lot more to it. Success is hard work and if anybody tells you it’s easy stay away from that person cause he/she don’t know what he/she is talking about and there is no short cut to success! You have to put in the work before you can get any kind of success in life. I’m not suggesting at all that you can’t have a normal life and be happy of course you can! If your goal in life is to be the best husband or wife DO IT! If your goal is to get a P.hd degree, DO IT! If your goal is to be the best bodybuilder ever, great, DO IT! No matter what you set your mind to you can do it and I want you to remember to live your life to the fullest, because life is LIMITLESS!

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