Task oriented vs. Result oriented


“If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you will achieve the same results.” Tony Robbins

What does it mean to be task oriented and result oriented; and I thought about it why some people accomplish more than others. I will exemplified it in this blog, and point out some key elements that makes the difference. The reason for clarification of this topic is simply because a lot of people think they are being productive, and creating massive results. When we look at the actual results, we get a different picture.

How many of you know somebody when you call them or text them their answer is always “Im busy” or can you recognize yourself saying this? Either way, this information you are about to receive will make you think, and very possible of gaining a new perspective.

A lot of people are “busy by being busy” and it might seems like they are being productive and bringing the results to the table, but that is not always the case.

Let us go through these two ways of operating and the mindset behind it and how we change the paradigm of being task oriented to result oriented.

(Part 1) Let us start to describe what it means to be task oriented

  •    It is typically people who are busy by being busy, it might look like they are being productive because they work a lot and they are everywhere! These kind of people love to be busy it keeps their mind away from everything else, which is okay but they are not getting the results they want to or should. They just like to do things all the time. (You properly know the type?)
  • I use to work at a retail store as a salesman and I had a sales manager whom worked 70-80hours a week (sometimes even more). He was always tired and burned out and it caught my attention, I had to ask him. How it was possible that he worked so much, and was still behind schedule with his work. While the other sales mangers in the store only worked half of what he did, and they accomplished their tasks a lot quicker than he did.  By analyzing his day it quickly cleared up that he was doing a lot of unnecessary work and was unstructured. He was busy by being busy.
  • As a conclusion the task oriented are not actually getting big results, they might get some results but they work much hard for these results. We have to remember in a retail store it is the actual SALE that creates the results which also pays for your salary. (It doesn’t really matter which industry you work in, there is always one thing that you should do that creates the results.)

(Part 2) Let us describe what it means to results oriented

  • The mindset behind results oriented people is that they focus on what really matters and what creates the actual results. The reason is simply because they have a GOAL of what they want to accomplish and are often driven and lead by the big goals. Before they can accomplish their goals they need to get the some ACTUAL RESULTS that is needed to get one step closer to the goal. In the sales industry it is the SALE that is the result, it is simple and obvious, but people often forget it because they get distracted easily.
  • The results oriented people are very structured and plan out everything so they can be effective and productive. They follow a DO TO LIST everyday which gives them an action plan and to focus on the actual task that will bring the results.
  • The results oriented person doesn’t necessary work as many hours as the task oriented and they might not even work as hard to the results – the key is to WORK SMART. If your goal is to get 5 sales for the day, focus everything you got to finish the goal as quickly as possible; do not delay it make it the highest priority.

I strongly believe there should be a balance in everything we do. We do need sometimes to change from results oriented to task oriented to get other things done after we have focused on the highest priority. The task oriented person typically thinks “inside of the box” and the result oriented thinks “outside of the box”, and to make the shift mentally the task oriented person need to focus on the big goals. Make a TO DO LIST everyday so you are sure you are following the right path to your actual goal. To create the absolutely highest productivity you need to shift between being results oriented (90% of the time) to be tasks oriented (10% of the time). Change the way you work and you will see change in the results you gets and I want you to remember to live your life to the fullest, because life is LIMITLESS!

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One thought on “Task oriented vs. Result oriented

  1. Jason

    you say that that as a person working in a retail store it’s the sale that makes the result but in the end, you are seeing it wrong! As a salesmen your job is to get satisfied customers, and help them find what they want, if the customer comes home with a product for 1000$ but they only needed the one for 500$ your done it wrong.

    If you see the sales as a result for have a small perspective and can’t see the bigger picture. Sorry to say my lad, if it is so easy as you say why aren’t you there yet ? Why aren’t you popular ? As a author you need to see inside at fix the broken to get you message right


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