Take responsibility for your life


“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated” Confucius

I want to dedicate this blog post to my father for being the person who always lead by example, and had always showed my brother and me what it truly means to take ownership and responsibility in life, thank you dad.

Personal responsibility has become our greatest challenge and in some cases our greatest enemy.

It seems so easy to push away all our responsibility and I am sure if we could and had the chance as well, we would push all responsibility away from ourselves. I think we have all experience sometimes in our life that people around us can’t take responsibility for their actions, and we just sit there looking at them and think could you be more irresponsible.

So the question is whom do you blame when things are not going the way you want? Do you take responsibility for your life, for your actions and emotions?

It is so strange to see people run away from their responsibility, and blame others for their situation and problems in life. It seems like it has become a habit to blame everything and anything instead of saying I am responsible for this or that.

I remember when I turned 18 and the first thing my parents told me was, “son you are now an adult” (properly sounds familiar to many of you) learn to take responsibility as quickly as possible or life will make sure you will learn it the hard way. Of course as a teenager, you don’t listen to your parents, but truly they were right, life has its way to make sure you learn.

I have asked myself many times why it is so difficult for us human beings to take responsibility for our life; I have spent countless hours having this discussion with my father about taking responsibility. It always end up with laughing at the end because there is no answer to that question. As complex as we humans are there will never be an answer to this.

However, allow me to show you the path of responsibility, if you dare to, actually I dare you to.

When you start to take personal responsibility in your life, for EVERYTHING, something magical happens and no, I am not talking about unicorns and dragons. I am talking about a sense of direction for your life, a happiness and calmness in your mind simply because you have taken responsibility. Have you ever notice when you try to run away from a responsibility your mind somehow reminds you, hunt you, and keeps you in a stressed position that you can’t run away from.

I want you repeat the following sentences, I AM RESPONSEBLE! Say it again, YELL IT! Take ownership of it! Make it your mantra.

Tell yourself that you are responsible for where you are in life, tell yourself you are responsible for the problems you are in, tell yourself that you are responsible! The world needs more promise keepers and people who take responsible.

I have three areas of life I want you to take ownership of

  1. Action! Yes, you have to take 100% ownership of your actions and everything you do no more blaming or pointing fingers at others. You own it to yourself!
  2. Your attitude and your emotions this one is quite tough but what kind of attitude do you show up with every morning how are you meeting life? Are you happy or sad? You want to be happy right, take responsibility and create happiness, you want an open attitude and meet life and people that can create so much joy in your life. Don’t be one of those people who have a bad attitude and scare people away from you. life has so much to offer, if you accept it.
  3. The last one, which I think, is the most important: responsibility for your life. Where are you going with your life, do you dare to dream and set goals for yourself and own them? Are you following someone else’s path or are you truly creating and following your own dreams and goals.

It may be a big mouthful to follow the path of responsibility but if you do. I promise you the reward is far greater than you can imagine, you will never ever again blame others for your situation in life because you are in CONTROL and I want you to remember to live your life to the fullest, because life is LIMITLESS!

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