Prepare yourself for an opportunity


”We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us” Joseph Cambell

Life is all about preparing us from one stage of life to another, one moment prepare us for the next; it is in the preparation that makes us ready for an opportunity. If we choose to be open-minded, then the only limitation is the one we put upon ourselves.

The question is really are you prepared when an opportunity pass you by?

Our parents prepared us for the life in elementary school; the elementary school prepares us for the next 10years. The college/university prepares you for a job in the real world. All these circumstances are external that has prepared you for the different stages of the system.


You! You have personally not prepared for anything; you just followed the crowd and let the system prepare you to fit in. You didn’t prepare yourself for the moment you have asked for.

How many times in life haven’t you been ready when the opportunity passed you by?

The dream job? The promotion? The perfect man or woman? An amazing business opportunity? Or something else.

I don’t know which opportunity you are waiting for, but one thing is certain you need to be ready when the opportunity comes by. The pain of regret is one of the worst kinds of pains you can experience. (Notice I said one of the worst kinds of pains, not the worst). The pain of regret of not taking the chance when you had it or not being ready could tear you apart. You would be thinking about all this time and talking about; “If I just were ready, I would have done it differently”.

I want to give you some tools and a guideline to make sure that you are on control of your direction and journey to your long waited opportunity.

Here is what you need to be doing for preparing yourself for an opportunity, some opportunities in life only comes once, NOT twice! You better be ready when your opportunity passes you by!

Here are 4 major things you need to be working on constantly, so you are prepared when the opportunity arrives:

  1. Which SKILLS should you be working on right now, that you aren’t doing? Make a list of skills that is absolutely necessary for you to learn to be able to do the things, which you want to. You have to be attractive to the market place (this could be any kind of market, dating, cooking, modeling etc.) by having the necessary skills and standout from the crowd! Ask yourself If you want to standout from the crowd what is necessary for me to learn? And what do I need to work harder on?
  2. Be OPEN-MINDED, because the opportunity you are looking for might come in another form than you expect!(it hardly ever appears in the form you expect, remember to look around you). Which could be a stepping stone for the opportunity you are looking for, don’t exclude the idea that is standing in front of you.
  3. By using the LAW OF ATTRACTION you start to attract the things in your life you want. You need to implement and activate the law of attraction by writing the things down you want and be focused on the thing you want. You need to have a positive mental attitude and have positive thoughts (I know on the hard days it is difficult), and work towards your opportunity. You really have to expect it to happen otherwise it is not going to happen. It will not happen from one day to another, it is over a consistent period of time.
  4. WORK HARD ON YOURSELF every single day, read the books, listen to podcasts, audiobooks and attain seminars! You need to get all the knowledge that is required and is essential for your opportunity you want to attract. Nothing will come easy in life, but if you really put in the work that is necessary. You will create the perfect opportunity by yourself.

Believe it or not but you create the opportunities in your life, the only limitations is the one we lay in our minds. Do not let the delusion of the sunshine manipulate you to think only of the good days, the rain and the storm might just wait around the corner. But you are too busy enjoying the good weather that haven’t prepared for the storm. Be in control of your direction and what you want to achieve in life, and someday something wonderful will happen, and I want you to remember to live your life to the fullest, because life is LIMITLESS!

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