How to create deep & meaningful relationships


“My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me” Henry Ford

A strange social media trend is going on; especially on Instagram and Facebook where it seems like it is the only place you can find the “ultimate relationship”.

Imagine you find a beautiful picture on Instagram where you see two people holding hands, and walking down the beach with a beautiful sunset. The first thing that goes through your mind is “relationship goals”. Your mind has already created a barrier, that these kind of moments only exist in the social media world, which is totally nonsense!

If you really wanted these kind of moments you would go, and create these moments, with your loved ones.  Not tagging them on Instagram with a text saying #relationsgoals.

The same thing is going on with friendships; the social media is full of junk about how a friendship should be like. My advice to you is to stop the “goals” thing on social media and start to focus on what really matters, and create something meaningful together in the real world. You have to understand that every relationship is different; some might be similar but never the same.

DO NOT COMPARE YOUR LIFE WITH WHAT YOU SEE AS OTHER PEOPLE’S FRONTSCENE!! You have absolutely no idea what is going on behind the scene!

The following steps I am about to give you, helped me out a lot to create deep and meaningful relationships with my friends. Because of these simple steps I have earned so much respect and trust along my friends. These steps can be used in type of relationships.

Here is 5 steps to create deep and meaningful relationships!

  1. The very first step is to be able to LISTEN! To listen is actually a skill that a lot of people lack of, which is kind of sad. Because when we are having a conversation all we are really waiting for is to replay back as quickly as possible. We are not really listen we just want to say something back. Some people all they do is talking they are not having a conversation it is just one-way. There is a saying “listen twice and speak once”, which mean you have two ears and you should be listening more than you are talking. I’m not suggesting that you should be listening intensively for hours, but just while you are having a conversation. When you choose to listen you increase the other persons self confident, and increase their respect to you! There are many great things to gain if you just listen without interrupting.
  2. BEING PRESENT is really important if you want to create deep and meaningful relationships with people. Giving people your full attention, and being present while you are sitting with them, means the world to people. It is so easy to get distracted by your phone, avoid having your phone in front of you unless you are expecting an important phone call or text message from somebody. Just be present and try to connect with the person you are hanging out with. The small things really matters to people, but because they are afraid to tell people to put their phone down they don’t ask. Be a better person and respectful put the phone down, you don’t need your friend to tell you this.
  3. My secret is GRATITUDE! I show my friends that I love them and I make sure that I tell them how much I really appreciate them for everything they do for me. The secret is that I randomly sometimes send my friends a special Thank you note (text message). Where I tell them how much they mean to me and that I’m thankful for whom they are and what they do for me. Just imagine if you are having a bad day and you receive a message like that from your best friend it can turn your day around and put a smile back on your face. I’m pretty sure it will make you happy and when you smile, your friend will smile it is win win situation, it is so powerful. Don’t underestimate the power of gratitude.
  4. The idea of EXPLORE is to create fun memories and special moments that you will remember when you look back and say “hey you remember when we did this..” it doesn’t have to be expensive to create great memories. All you really need is use of imagination and a great company. These moments will create some meaningful and memorable relationships.
  5. All the steps above are all easy and simple to do, it is not rocket science. The following step takes everything from you which are WORK HARD ON YOURSELF! Working hard on yourself and improve yourself to be a better human being. Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself am I a person worth spending time with, am I making the world a better place? When you bring out the best of yourself to the table people will notice and they want to be around you because you have so much positive energy in you. The better you become the harder you work on yourself; the more you force people around you to be better, you will be an example for others.

Follow these steps and I promise you will notice a difference in your relationships with people. If you want your relationship to be great you have to work for it, nothing comes easy and try not to compare your relationship with what is going on the social media. Go and create some meaningful memories with people you love and I want to you remember to live your life to the fullest because life is LIMITLESS!


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