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Task oriented vs. Result oriented


“If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you will achieve the same results.” Tony Robbins

What does it mean to be task oriented and result oriented; and I thought about it why some people accomplish more than others. I will exemplified it in this blog, and point out some key elements that makes the difference. The reason for clarification of this topic is simply because a lot of people think they are being productive, and creating massive results. When we look at the actual results, we get a different picture. Continue reading

Goal setting


“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort” Franklin D. Roosevelt

As we continue from the last blog about New Year’s resolutions and why you will fail upon your resolutions and how to turn your New Year’s resolutions into GOALS. It is important to understand that we human beings are driven by purpose and we don’t do anything if can’t see the purpose of it.

When you write your goals down always remember the purpose of the goal and try to see a bigger picture of it. Now grab a pen and a piece of paper it is time to set goals! On the top of the paper you write “Goal-Setting for 2017”. Continue reading

New Year’s resolution, forget all about it!


“Life is 10% what happen to you and 90% how you react to it” Charles R. Swindoll

I want to congratulate you for being here with me today and happy New Year! Let’s make this the best year ever! This is a moment for you to write the greatest chapter so far!

This is the time of the year where everybody sits down and thinks about how their next year is going to be and how they are going to change for better. Some chooses to set fitness goals, some chooses to set financial goals, and some chooses to set goals about relationship. Do you want to hear something funny? Continue reading

Do you dare to dream?


“The dream is free, but the journey is not” Greg Provenzano

Your whole life people have been telling you that you are no good; you don’t have what it takes to become successful, chasing your dreams will only cause you pain. You just sat there quietly bought into all the beliefs that was thrown at you. Not for a single moment did you ask yourself: “what if?…” What if they are wrong, all of them and you do have what it takes to make your dreams become a reality. Continue reading