My name is Bilal Ahmed, I’m the publisher of the limitless life blog. I want to thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you find something useful that you can take with you and use it in your personal life.

Since I was a little kid, I have been told what to think, what to believe and what do to, the people around me including my schoolteachers they all put me in a box of limitation. I wanted to be a professional soccer player but people said you are not good enough, I wanted to go to the university and people said you are not smart enough and I wanted to a successful businessman and people said you don’t have what it takes. Every single time I tried to dream big there was always someone that told me that it was not possible. The time went by I started to give up on all my dreams and goals for life, I resigned I lost all hope of becoming something more than I was. I started to live the life as other people did with no burning desire inside just following the crowd and the system.

In 2014 I met a gentleman that soon could become a mentor of mine this gentleman had everything that I wanted in life financially freedom, big car, big house, a beautiful wife and most important of all happiness. You could see from far distance who he was the way he was dressed his charisma and his attitude I have never in my life met or seen a person like that before. His name is Darren Hardy. The day I saw him on the stage I decided at that moment to make him my mentor for success!

I started to read many self-help books, I started to study about the top 10% of the world’s richest people and I went to different seminars around the world to learn about success. I once again became a student of life and I remembered all my dreams and goals I had. This time everything became limitless simply because I changed on the way, I changed my mindset and my beliefs.

I am not where I want to be in life yet but thank God, I am not where I use to be. Now I have a mission to help as many people as possible to free them from the box of limitation and help them do dream again help them to reach the skies of the limitless. That is why I created the limitless life blog. The fundamental element to this is the right mindset, which will be the central theme of the posts on this blog.

I thank you sincerely for your time and support.

Bilal Ahmed

The limitless life


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